Ménage à Moi Adventures

Hello there, my name is Poly. Long time finger fun enthusiast, first time jerking off…

Now, I should probably clarify. I’ve masturbated many a time in my life. Myriad times. But it’s almost always been from a vulva-centric POV, with the clit being the main event. I even have to get my clit involved when I’m using my most recent fav toy, the njoy pure wand. (And can I just say, now that I live by myself, how nice it is to have a sex toy I can also stun attackers with, should the need ever arise? Multitasking sex toys ftw!)

So anyway, last night, with my trusty Hitachi planted firmly between my legs, I decided to try masturbating on my side. Let’s be honest… mostly because I just wanted to get off so I could fall asleep and I was so weary it seemed like too much effort to reposition myself on my back.

When I normally fuck myself on my back, I have to keep the pressure firm on the ball of the Hitachi and do a little hand-vibration magic, too. But I found on my side, I could clench the ball against my clit with my leglock of death and as the ball disappeared between my thighs and I was bucking my hips…my hand went to the shaft of the Hitachi and suddenly I was in a much different fantasy and headspace. My cock was long, hard, and I was filled with the desire to just FUCK.

It’s interesting to me that it took this long to discover. I’m nonbinary but also genderfluid. I have two harnesses (and have been keeping an eye open for a better fitting leather one), packing cock for when I’m feeling hella butch and/or masc leaning, and a few fucking cocks… for all of the fun. I’ve fucked other people from a masc/male headspace, a FemmeDaddy headspace, and a more “chick with a dildo” place. Probably a few others that don’t fit into convenient boxes. (Fitting. Oh, look; a double pun!)

These headspaces, or exploring different ones, never physically made it into my solo sex scenes, though. Fantasy wise, I’ve gone all over the damn place. My head is a slut for ALL THE THINGS: gender universe exploration, power exchange spectrum, various roles, all the positions, multiple people. So. Many. Fantasies. But the method and position I fucked myself to these fantasies rarely changed.

I’ve tried face down finger Olympics, which turned out to be an exercise in frustration. I had moderate success with simulating cowgirl sex but it’s much better with another person. I’ve also tried standing, sitting, and bent over a bed or chair with moderate success (meaning was eventually able to come), but I always come back to… my back, legs splayed, fingers and/or toys at play.


I’m excited for this discovery, especially given how horny I am after a year of abstinence and almost a year of not playing. I really hope 2021 has at least a little bit of sex and playing for me. I mean, I’ll take a lot in a heartbeat, but given how I went into 2020 all “you better be better than 2019″….I don’t want to piss off 2021. Let’s start small. Some sex, some play, some exploration, and go from there. I just learned to jack off with my own cock. Who knows what kinky sexy fun could happen in 2021 with this knowledge?

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