Friends Don’t Feed Friends (Nonconsensual) Sex Bread.

Banana bread is one of my favorite things to make. It’s reasonably healthy (and would be more if I didn’t sub in Ghirardelli chocolate chips for the walnuts but here we are).

I’ve struggled with actually making banana bread and not just perpetually having really sad bananas that I eventually throw away without being turned into bread because they turned too quickly…or I moved too slowly and thought I had more time.

But I’m on a roll now. I’ve successfully made banana bread earlier this month and last week, I was gearing up to make it AGAIN. Utter mastery of bananas had I!

But! While in the process of it, I realized I was all out of coconut oil, which I use instead of shortening, which is what the recipe my dear friend K gave me calls for.

Well. I was bummed for a minute and then I turned and saw that I still had a jar of coconut oil on my desk.

Some of you might ask, “but Geneviève, why do you have coconut oil on your desk?”

Great question! THAT coconut oil is my lube. And since I’m the only one who eats my banana bread, using lube coconut oil seemed reasonable.

So the banana bread gets made and I’m on the phone with my boy later that night, talking about how my sister is gonna be in town this weekend and we’re going to a small vaxxed potluck party in a few days. At that point, I hadn’t figured out what I’d be bringing, but since I also had been telling my boy how good my apartment smelled because baking, and since I have two tiny loaf pans and not one big one, the recipe yields two loaves. I have the brainchild and mention that this is great because it just occurred to me that I could bring the banana bread to the party.

The next day, however, I recounted to my boy how I later remembered I could NOT feed my friends and my sister sex bread because that would be bad form. He agreed. My sister and I made a hedgehog cheese log instead and it was a great hit.

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